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Do I have to leave the place during the spraying?

You do not need to leave your space because the medications are odorless. You can use your space during and after the application. In the application of the gel application, it is necessary to leave the application area.

Do I need to clean up after spraying?

After spraying your space after being ventilated, it is not possible to do 2 days wet cleaning to the places that are visible. For places not visible, you can do wet cleaning after 10 days. The reason for the general cleaning to be done after 10 days is to create an effect for the insects that will emerge from the eggs. Gel application does not require any cleaning after the application.

Does spraying affect my pets?

It will be sufficient to keep your pets away from the area until the application area is dry (15 minutes).

What medication do you recommend?

The medications and practices of each region can be different in every season. Our expert staff will determine the pest population of the place you are spraying and the most appropriate application will determine you with special fixes.

Will I continue to see bugs after spraying?

For the first 2 days after the application, it is possible to see both the size and the living on the normal side of the pesticide. The drugs used are able to have a lasting effect rather than an abrupt effect and that the pests can carry the effects of drugs to their nests. It will take a few days to get out of all the nests in the nest and from all the nests in the nest.

Will I receive any documents or reports from your Cyprus Pest Control team after the application?

Yes, After the application, the team responsible will be given what kind of drugs are used in the areas where the drugs are used, details of the equipment used, whether the team is in the desired hours and days, the team responsible with the customer satisfaction and a service report bearing your joint signature.
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